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PerfectPleat HD MERV8


Product Description

Using AAF's patented PerfectPleat as a base, our engineers developed the PerfectPleat HD M8 by incorporating maximum structural reinforcement into PerfectPleat's already extremely durable construction. The HD M8, rated MERV 8, relys on mechanical efficiency instead of electret charge technology.

At the heart of the HD M8 is AAF's patented, self-supporting DuraFlex® media. With the superior resiliency of DuraFlex, and no need for wire support, PerfectPleat HD M8 filters can sustain significant abuse and maintain their shape and pleat spacing. The absence of wire also makes the filter totally incinerable, which can simplify disposal. We retained the support straps of the innovative PerfectPleat media pack. Then we added a die-cut frame for additional strength and acrylic glue to bond the media pack to the cell sides and give the HD M8 a broader operating temperature range.

PerfectPleat HD M8 filters are designed for industrial and commercial applications requiring a heavier duty filter than standard pleated filters. Performing beyond normal variations, they are ideal when an application routinely challenges filters with very low temperatures and/or high turbulence. Other conditions include higher flow rates and higher humidity.


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