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VariCel V has a MERV rating of 15 and is a product that may contribute to the achievement of LEED Project Certification.

Varicel V, VXL


Product Description

The MERV 15 VariCel V represents a new category for efficiency in high-capacity, mini-pleat filters. It offers 50% less penetration of 0.3μm to 1.0μm particles than a MERV 14 (90-95% efficient) filter. Best of all, this increase in efficiency comes with a minimal increase in resistance.

This model includes the same features of the other Varicel V filters, including their increased area V-bank design, dual-density media, and light-weight but rigid construction. The VariCel V filter is designed for service in HVAC installations with difficult operating conditions, such as variable air volume, turbulent airflow, repeated fan shutdown, or moderate to high humidity. The width and height dimensions are interchangeable and the filters can be installed with the pleats either vertical or horizontal without affecting performance.


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