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Multi-Pleat Extended Surface Pleated Air Filters


Product Description

The Koch Multi-Pleat 40 and Multi-Pleat 40HC are extended surface pleated panel filters designed for use in all types of residential, commercial, and industrial air filtration systems. Multi-Pleat filters, because of their high quality filter media and extended surface construction, offer significantly higher efficiency and longer service life than fiberglass disposable filters, media pads, or permanent filters. They are available in a wide range of standard and special sizes in depths of 1", 2" 4" and 6". In accordance with the latest ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2, Multi-Pleat 40 and 40HC carry a fractional efficiency rating of MERV 7 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The filters will also provide and Average Atmospheric Dust Spot Efficiency of 25-30% according to ASHRAE Test Standard 52.1. The Multi-Pleat is completely disposable and is interchangeable with other panel filters without modification to existing equipment. Koch offers the Multi-Pleat in two media area capacity levels, Standard Capacity and High Capacity. Standard Capacity is ideal for applications where filter change schedules are based on a preventive maintenance schedule. High Capacity Multi-Pleat filters, because they have more filter media, are designed for systems using pressure drop readings as the basis for filter changes.


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