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AmAir CE


Product Description

AmAir CE carbon pleated filters are designed to provide odor and particulate control where light to moderate odor conditions exist. They are used for general air filtration in all types of cooling, heating, and ventilating systems. They are also excellent prefilters to higher efficiency filters.

The pleated media in AmAir CE filters combines non-woven polyester fibers with 60% activity granular activated carbon. The polyester substrate filters particulate matter, while the activated carbon filters the gaseous and odorous contaminants. The media is self supporting with no metal backing required, and is encased in a heavy duty, 2-piece die cut frame. The frame itself is constructed of two high wet strength, beverage board boxes bonded together, forming a double wall around the entire filter. Media is bonded to the inside of the frame on all four edges to prevent leakage and increase rigidity.

AmAir CE carbon pleated filters are directly interchangeable with standard 1", 2", or 4" air filters. No housings or duct work modifications are necessary. AmAir CE filters are classified Class 2 according to UL Standard 900 and CAN 4-S111.


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