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VariCel RF/C Plus


Product Description

VariCel RF/C Plus extended-surface filters provide high efficiency odor removal and particulate collection for a variety of applications. The filters are made with CarbonWeb filter media containing equal volumes of 50% activated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove a wide range of odors, VOC's and light gases. These include ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. The media is pleated and housed in a rigid metal frame. The frame is available in either the standard box style, no header version or with a single 13/16" thick header.

Galvanized steel cell sides and plastic pleat spacers allow the VariCel RF/C Plus to withstand the most demanding applications. The pleat spacers maintain the shape of the media pack and maximize both effectiveness and service life. Rigid construction helps maintain a compact unitized structure under variable air velocities and repeated fan shutdowns. The interlocked header and cell sides provide maximum sealing.

VariCel RF/C Plus filters replace existing HVAC filters of the same type with no changes required for frames or latches. They are rated with MERV 8 efficiency and as Class 2 according to UL Standard 900. The filters are packed in polyethylene to preserve capacity and cleanliness.


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