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AmAir/C Panel Filter


Product Description

The AmAir/C 2" panel filter offers more carbon density per square foot than the 2" pleated model, allowing it to adsorb higher concentrations of odor and to provide freshened air over a longer period of time.

AmAir/C panel filters are constructed with a three stage media design. The upstream layer is a 3/4” thick polyester pad. The second stage is a substrate impregnated with granules of activated carbon. The third stage is a polyurethane foam pad that is folded up over the edges and beverage board frame. The bonded, two piece frame design secures the media pad and forms a leak-free double wall around the filter. An expanded metal grid is inserted to provide additional support and rigidity.

AmAir/C 2" panel filters are directly interchangeable with standard 2" air filters. No expensive housings or duct work modifications are necessary. AmAir/C filters are designed for continuous operating temperatures up to 120°F (49°C). They are classified Class 2 according to UL Standard 900 and CAN 4-S111.


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